2024 - Democracy On The Ballot

HCDP News for January 2nd, 2024

HCDP News for January 2 2024

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2024 - Democracy On The Ballot

We hope you all had a great holiday season and that you enjoyed your New Years celebration!

With 2023 now in the rear view mirror our attention is focused more than ever on this year’s elections. We’ll be working hard to get out the vote in 2024.

So, here’s a reminder that the Michigan Presidential Primary is only 54 days away.

That’s right, the Presidential Primary will be held on February 27th this year. Mark your calendars.

Once again our nation will face a stark choice for President in November. We must work together to get out the vote up and down the ballot, to protect our freedoms and our democracy against the MAGA voices who have this year become even more anti-democratic and authoritarian.

The successes of Michigan Democrats at the state level - in protecting our freedoms and acting to ensure our equality - show us clearly that our democracy not only depends on us, in fact it IS US. When we work together to make our society better, we CAN make it so.

We look forward to continuing that good work with you this year.

Presentation at January’s Monthly Meeting: Proposal 22-2: What Michigan Voters Need to Know in 2024

Our January meeting is coming up on the 17th, and we want to make sure you are aware of an informative and important presentation that will be shared at the meeting.

Valorie Troesch will be presenting on behalf of Voters Not Politicians - the group that worked hard to get 2022’s Proposition 2 on the ballot, and to get out the vote for it’s passage.

Prop 2 was passed by a huge majority of Michigan voters in 2022 to amend Michigan’s Constitution to expand and guarantee certain voting rights. Most of the provisions of Prop 2 have been enacted into enabling legislation. There is still confusion about some of the provisions and many voters don’t even know about the changes or how they will be impacted. Voters Not Politicians (VNP) is working to educate voters in Michigan about the changes and, most importantly, what voters need to do to take advantage of these changes.

The presentation will cover topics such as the new permanent absentee voter list, early voting, drop boxes, and early voter registration by minors.

We encourage all HCDP members and supporters to attend, and invite your friends to attend too. Attendance is either in person at the Super 8 in Houghton, or by Zoom (Zoom link can be found below under Upcoming Events).

Find out what the changes brought on by the passage of Prop 2 mean for Michigan voters in 2024

Openings to Serve on the County Planning Commission

We’re sharing this opportunity for two County residents to serve on the County Planning Commission. The wording below comes from the county’s public posting as shared in the Daily Mining Gazette:


The Houghton County Board of Commission is accepting applications for 2 open positions on the


The two positions will represent Community Interest in (1) Local Government Planning and Zoning, and (2) Local Recreation and Culture.

Applicants should provide a Letter of Interest, and an application which shares their qualifications to represent the Interest group that they are applying for as a Planning Commissioner.

Questions can be directed to Ben Larson, County Administrator, Houghton County Courthouse, 401 E. Houghton Avenue, Houghton, MI 49913 - or online at http://www.houghtoncounty.net/docs/AppBoards.pdf.

Deadline for application submittal is 4:30 pm, Friday, January 12, 2024, and all applicants will be considered at the Monthly BOC meeting held on January 17, 2024

Growing the Middle Class - Our Meme of the Week

We are really going to miss Debbie Stabenow when she retires at the end of this term. She has been a life long fighter for Democratic values.

Our Meme this week is a great short video of Senator Stabenow talking about the economic gains that have been achieved over the last few years under President Biden. It comes from the Instagram account of the Michigan Democratic Party. Her fighting spirit is on full display.

Here’s what the Senator says in her video post:

“Let me just go through some numbers.

Over 14 million jobs, NEW jobs, have been created - 14 million - most in decades.

One and a half million new manufacturing jobs, a real manufacturing renaissance. And what's really important, its not just jobs, it's more and more of them are good paying union jobs.

And we all know we have a president who not only says the word union all the time, but he has stood on the picket line with our great UAW workers. So it's a big deal - the kinds of jobs that we are creating…

But we believe in growing the middle class. Aiming right at the middle class. Growing the middle class, giving everybody a fair shot to make it. And then taking on the special interests, which is also no small thing. For instance, Big Pharma. So we can cut your costs and put more money directly in your pocket, which by the way, not one Republican voted for.

So does it make a difference when Democrats are in charge? Yes. Hell yes!”

Click on the screenshot below to view the full video reel in Instagram.

At the Capital / Around the State

Given the time of year news of political or governmental happenings at the state level is pretty slow. But here are a few things that made news this past week:

  • Michigan Senate Majority Leader Winnie Banks looks back on all that Democrats accomplished in 2023. MORE: Bridge Michigan 

  • Michigan AG Dana Nessel reminded Michiganders of the free weekly credit report program, which allows Michigan residents free access to the credit reports kept on us by Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. The free reports can be accessed on the Annual Credit Report website. MORE: CBS Detroit 

  • National news reporting has highlighted a previously little noticed speech by Republican Representative Tim Walberg, who represents Michigan’s 5th Congressional District. Walberg was the keynote speaker at Uganda’s National Prayer Breakfast. There he encouraged those attending, including the country’s President, to “resist international pressure”, even from the United States, for LGBTQ rights. The breakfast served as a rally for Uganda’s latest Anti-Homosexuality bill, commonly known as the “Kill the Gays” bill, which allows for punishment up to and including execution for “aggravated homosexuality”. MORE: Salon

Next Monthly Meeting

HCDP Monthly Meetings: Unless otherwise communicated our monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month. Potluck at 6 PM, Meeting at 7 PM. In the conference room at the Houghton Super 8, and by Zoom (starting at 7 PM).


Community Events


The South Range Village Council meets Thursday at 6 PM in the South Range Community Building. More information can be found through the Village’s Events web page.