A Hot Labor Day Eve Picnic

HCDP News for September 5th, 2023

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HCDP News for September 5 2023

  • Party News

    • A Hot Labor Day Eve Picnic

    • Houghton County Planning Commission Seeks Two New Members

    • Become a Poll Worker

    • Meme of the Week

    • More Good Things Happening in Lansing

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    • Jenn Hill Fundraiser

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A Hot Labor Day Eve Picnic

The temperature hit 91º on Saturday as the annual Picnic was about to commence. The park at Hancock Beach was packed with people seeking relief from the heat and just enjoying the three day weekend. Roughly twenty Houghton Dems braved the heat to celebrate the end of summer and look forward to the 2024 campaign season.

Houghton County Commissioner Gretchen Janssen spoke briefly, on behalf of herself and fellow Commissioner Glenn Anderson, to thank the HCDP for its support in past elections. We look forward to supporting Gretchen and Glenn, and other Democratic candidates in future elections.

Roughly twenty Houghton County Dems gathered in the Hancock Beach Pavilion for food and conversation.

While the Houghton Dems gathered in the pavilion others take a dip in the Canal to cool off in the 91º heat.

Houghton County Planning Commission Seeks Two New Members

We want to make all of our readers aware of the following Notice that appeared in last week’s Daily Mining Gazette. If you have the qualifications we encourage you to apply:


The Houghton County Board of Commissioners is accepting applications for two (2) open positions on the following Board:


Position one is for an individual to represent the following fields: Economic Development and Tourism

Position two is for an individual to represent the following field: Environmental

Applicants must provide documentation with their applications regarding their qualifications to represent the specified interest fields. Applications are available at the Administrator's Office, Houghton County Courthouse, 401 E. Houghton Avenue, Houghton, MI 49931, (906) 482-8307 or online at http://www.houghtoncounty.net/docs/AppBoards.pdf.

Deadline for application submittal is 4:30 pm, Friday September 8, 2023 to the Administrator's Office.

Jennifer Kelly, Houghton County Clerk

 The success of our county party relies on the participation of people just like you. Join the HCDP today and help us put Democrats on the ballot who’ll make a difference.

“We are Democrats because we believe that good government must rely upon and strengthen the bonds that make us a society: recognizing the richness of our diverse heritage, preserving what we have been given, and leaving to posterity a legacy greater than that which we received.” - HCDP Platform Preamble

Become a Poll Worker

Poll workers (also called election inspectors) are vital to the functioning of our democracy. In Michigan, with the voting reforms put in place thanks to last year’s Promote the Vote initiative, these workers are more crucial than ever. Election inspectors are needed to support not only election day, but the early voting period as well.

That is why the state of Michigan has started the Democracy MVP program. Democracy MVP is the state of Michigan’s award-winning, non-partisan poll worker recruitment program. Supported by the Secretary of State’s office, the program provides valuable information for anyone considering becoming a poll worker.


Election inspectors, i.e. poll workers, are hired, paid, and trained local government workers who assist with running local elections in compliance with Michigan Election Law. Each county, city, and township in Michigan hires and pays election inspectors for the early voting period and on Election Day. At a polling place or early voting site, election inspectors greet and check-in voters, issue ballots, and assist with tabulation. Individuals may also be hired to assist with processing absentee ballots.

If you think you might be interested in becoming an election inspector, visit the Democracy MVP website for more information about the role and how to apply.

Meme of the Week

This week’s meme comes from the Instagram account of the Democratic National Committee. This timely meme was reposted again and again by several people across social media platforms this week, as the Biden administration named the first 10 drugs that Medicare will negotiate the price of.

The DNC’s post had a very simple caption: Unbelievable

If you’re on Instagram, why not click on the post above to show thedemocrats some ❤️.

More Good Things Happening in Lansing

The news out of Lansing continues to be slow, as legislators were off all of last week.

  • As we mentioned last week, the Governor’s “What’s Next” address was delivered this past Wednesday, outlining her agenda for the fall legislative session. You can see the recap of the address in this press release from the Governor’s office.

  • One other bit of news - well more like rumor or backroom talk - has to do with when the fall legislative session will end. The state’s 2023 legislative session would need to end in November in order for the Michigan primary to be held on February 27th, the date set by the DNC. When asked by the press last week, House Speaker Joe Tate refused to confirm an end date.

Jenn Hill Fundraiser

Join our friends the Baraga County Dems at a Meet, Greet and Eat with Jenn Hill on Saturday September 16th from 1 PM until 2:30 PM. Jenn is running for State Representative in the 109th District, representing Alger, Baraga, Marquette and part of Dickinson Counties.

You can RSVP to the event at this ActBlue link.

Save the Date -
Upcoming HCDP Events

HCDP Monthly Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at 7 PM, in the conference room at the Houghton Super 8 and by Zoom.


Community Events

Wed 8/23

  • The South Range Village Council meets Thursday at 6 PM in the South Range Community Building. For more information contact the Village at [email protected] or (906) 482-8833.

Mon 9/11

Next Monday is Patriot Day, in commemoration of the lives lost in the 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Virginia, and aboard the hijacked United Airlines Flight 93 in rural Pennsylvania. The day also commemorates those who lost their lives trying to rescue people trapped by the attacks. Flags should be flown at half mast on Monday, and all Americans are asked to honor the dead with a moment of silence at 8:46 AM EST, the time the first airplane struck the World Trade Center.

Learn more about the 9/11 attacks by visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum online.

Flags should be flown at half mast on Monday, and all Americans should observe a moment of silence at 8:46 AM EST

Is there a community commemoration or event we should recognize that's of particular importance to you? Just send an email to [email protected].