The President's State of the Union Address | MDP Launches New Podcast

HCDP News for February 14th, 2023

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FEB 14 2023

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    • NEW: The President's State of the Union Address

    • NEW: MDP Launches New Podcast

    • Wisconsin Supreme Court Vote a Referendum on Reproductive Rights

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Party News

The President's State of the Union Address

Well, the reviews are in for President Biden's second State of the Union address this past Tueday, and they are OVERWHELMINGLY positive. It's not just the pundits and talking heads who are saying so, real folks who tuned in to the speech say so too. Check out this article in the Daily Kos - it digs into a couple of polls that show very positive movement in listener's attitudes toward Joe and the Democrats as a result of the speech.The article notes that CNN's poll shows 72% of Americans reacted positively to the address. A large number of viewers who thought the country was not moving in the right direction changed their mind after the speech.Did you miss the President's State of the Union address? You can find the whole speech on C-SPAN, or, if you'd prefer to see highlights, along with political commentary, check out the coverage on MSNBC.

President Biden delivering his second State of the Union

MDP Launches New Podcast

Are you a fan of podcasts? Do you want to keep on top of what's happening in Michigan from a Democratic perspective? The Michigan Democratic Party has just launched what is hoped to be a weekly series of podcasts to update you on the latest developments driving policy and politics in the state of Michigan.

In the two podcast episodes released so far, State Party Chair Lavora Barnes provides a brief introduction before handing over the mic to MDP staffer Dorian Tyus for a run down of the week's developments. Topical reports follow, rounding out the ten to twelve minute episodes.

If you'd like to give this new podcast a listen, you can find more information on the Party on the Peninsulas webpage, or just search for "Party on the Peninsulas" in your favorite podcast player.

Party on the Peninsulas - the new podcast from the MDP

Wisconsin Supreme Court Vote a Referendum on Reproductive Rights

We in Michigan are now enjoying Democratic leadership in all three branches of our state government. But in Wisconsin there is still a battle going on to decide the balance of power in the state Supreme Court. The February 21st primary for Wisconsin Supreme Court is being considered by many as a de facto referendum on reproductive rights in the state.Two liberals and two conservatives are running in the primary. The top two vote getters from the primary will move on to the general election on April 4th. You can learn more about the importance of this election from this excellent article in The 19th. Turn out will be key to winning this primary.If you'd like to help out, there is still time to participate by making phone calls to Democratic voters in Wisconsin (the postcard sending opportunity has now ended).The phone bank volunteer opportunity - that you can participate in from your own home - is highlighted below. If you are interested (and willing to travel), even more opportunities can be found on the Mobilize website. Help make a difference for your friends or family in Wisconsin:Postcards: Help Elect a Pro-Democracy Majority to the Wisconsin Supreme Court Wisconsin Supreme Court Election Phone Bank: Take Back Democracy with Swing Blue Alliance

WIsconsin Democrats logo superimposed over a view of the state capital

Upcoming Events

Campaign & Community Events

Tue. 2/14:

  • The regular meeting of the Houghton County Board of Commissioners for this month is tonight at 5 PM in the Conference Room on the fifth floor of the Houghton County Courthouse. Find more information on the Board's webpage (find the Zoom link to the meeting in the Agenda by expanding the "2023" meeting list at the bottom of the page).

Wed. 2/15

  • The Hancock City Council meets at 6 PM Wednesday in the Hancock City Hall Council Chambers.

Mon. 2/20

  • Monday is President's Day, originally created to celebrate the birth of George Washington. A Federal holiday, the day has unfortunately become best known for the many sales it has inspired.