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HCDP News for March 14th, 2023

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Mar 14, 2023

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    • NEW: Michigan Rural Democratic Summit

    • NEW: Training for Precinct Delegates and Other Local Leaders

    • NEW: Governor Whitmer Talks to Chris Wallace

    • Spring Fling '23 Planning Under Way

    • NEW: More Good Things Happenin/g in Lansing

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Party News

Michigan Rural Democratic Summit

We have a couple of members already signed up to attend the Michigan Rural Democratic Summit in Sault Ste. Marie on April 14th and 15th. Maybe you'd like to join them?

The Summit, organized by the MDP Rural Caucus, promises to bring together rural Democrats from across the state who aim to make Michigan bluer! This Summit will be an important opportunity to coordinate and collaborate with other rural Democrats for the next election cycle and beyond. Work session topics include Fundraising, Community Building, Support of County Parties, 2024 Ballot Proposal Possibilities, and more.

For full details, including the link to register, visit the Rural Caucus website, or see the full Summit flyer.

Training for Precinct Delegates and Other Local Leaders

Attention Precinct Delegates, those who'd like to be Precinct Delegates, and anyone else who is interested in being a Democratic leader. A new, virtual training session is available that promises to help you get yourself organized to recruit and empower volunteers as a grassroots community leader or as an elected precinct chair. Find more information here if you'd like to attend a live session - there are multiple available.

This training is part of a series of training opportunities on organizing and messaging. The series is hosted by the group Building Bridges for America, and promoted by the DNC. You can participate in live sessions, or take advantage of the "On Demand" virtual training available on the Building Bridges for America website. There are a wealth of training opportunities available at no cost. Visit buildingbridgesforamerica.com to learn more.

Governor Whitmer Talks to Chris Wallace

Governor Whitmer sat down earlier this week for an interview for CNN & HBO Max's Who's Talking to Chris Wallace. In the video excerpt below, the governor discusses some of the threats she faced after being targeted by former president Trump, among other topics. Toward the end of the segment Wallace asks the Governor whether she will run for President in 2024, to which Whitmer responded "No", and expressed her desire to continue serving as Michigan's Governor.

On Friday, Governor Whitmer and Chris Wallace also participated in an hour long conversation and Q&A session sponsored by the University of Michigan's Wallace House Center for Journalists. The session is part of the Center's Democracy In Crisis: Views from the Press series. You can view the full session in the second video below.

Spring Fling '23 Planning Under Way

It's that time of year! The planning team has met, and things are getting organized for another Spring Fling. Start thinking Spring, and mark June 10th on your calendar for our annual get together.

We'll have more information on the event as we get closer to June 10th.

We will be running a silent auction as a fundraiser during the Spring Fling, as we've done in past years. If you'd like to donate an item for auction, or have ideas for donations please email Barb Turuc at [email protected].

If you'd like to place an ad in our annual program please contact Steve Blackburn at [email protected].

Spring Fling ‘23

More Good Things Happening in Lansing

Good things continue to happen in the Michigan legislature. Here are highlights from just the last week: 

  • Following the state Senate, the House has passed an LGBTQ rights bill to include sexual orientation and gender identity in Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, which outlaws discrimination. The bill now goes to the Governor's desk, where Gov. Whitmer has vowed to sign the bill into law. More info...

  • Also making their way to Whitmer's desk are two bills that 1) repeal the 1931 law making it a four-year felony to perform abortions in Michigan except for life-threatening pregnancies and 2) repeal a ban on medicine, drugs or substances that could be used to induce a miscarriage. More info...

  • Governor Whitmer signed the Lowering MI Costs bill into law this past Tuesday. The governor has called the plan a "$1 billion dollar tax break for Michigan working families and retirees". More info...

  • Wednesday the House approved background checks for shotguns and rifles, closing a loophole in state law that only required checks for pistols. The bill is part of a package of bills aimed at curbing gun violence. The bill's passage in the House coincided with the release of a Detroit News poll showing that "the majority of Michigan voters -- Democrats, Republicans and Independents -- support newly proposed gun law reforms moving through the state Legislature" The proposals would tighten current gun regulations and include universal background checks, red flag requirements and safe gun storage regulations. More info...

  • The Michigan House voted to repeal the 2012 GOP backed "Right to Work" law, as the House gallery burst into applause. The bill now heads to the Senate. More info...

 We'll continue following along and summarizing legislative actions as the Democrats in Lansing continue to keep up the pace.

Upcoming Events

Campaign and Communit Events

Tue. 3/14:

  • This month's regular meeting of the Houghton County Board of Commissioners is tonight at 5 PM in the Conference Room on the fifth floor of the Houghton County Courthouse. Find more information on the Board's webpage (find the Zoom link to the meeting in the Agenda).

 Wed. 3/15

  • Hancock City Council meets at 6 PM in the Hancock City Hall Council Chambers.

  • Fri 3/17

  • Friday is St Patrick's Day, which celebrates one of the patron saints of Ireland. While not an official state or federal holiday it is an occasion for parades and festivities in Chicago and m/any other towns and cities internationally that have an Irish immigrant history. To celebrate, make sure you wear something green, and, if you have access to it, raise a glass of green beer in honor of the day and your Irish friends and family. Sláinte!