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HCDP News for June 6th, 2023

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JUNE 6 2023

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    • Spring Fling 2023 is Saturday!

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Party News

Next General Meeting on June 7th

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Spring Fling 2023 is this Saturday!

A few words from Chair William Keith:

Spring Fling is almost here! If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, NOW IS THE TIME!
We'll want to get a headcount to the Bonfire this week, so your RSVP is appreciated by June 1 if possible. Remember, this is our big fundraiser for the year - every ticket bought helps us elect Democratic candidates in 2024.
Spring Fling is for much more than just members: you're heartily welcome to invite friends and family to hang out with some progressive folks, enjoy a nice dinner, hear some speakers, and participate in the Silent Auction.
Join us at the Bonfire next Saturday, June 10th!

More Good Things Happening in Lansing

Not much happened in the state legislature last week as both houses held only short sessions on Tuesday. A few good things did happen though, somewhere a bit north of Lansing:

  • For the first time ever Pride flags were flown outside the Grand Hotel during the annual Mackinac Policy Conference sponsored by the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce. Meanwhile inside the Hotel, a Pride flag was displayed during Governor Whitmer's presentation. "While some states demonize the LGBTQ+ community, Michigan is expanding civil rights so that everyone has freedom to be who they are," Whitmer said.

  • At the Policy Conference Governor Whitmer announced the formation of a commission to study and address Michigan's population loss problem. Michigan lost residents in the latest US Census. Two co-chairs were announced, one Democrat and one Republican. The Governor directed the new commission to issue a report by Dec. 1 with a target population goal for 2050 and ways in which that goal can be achieved.

  • Also at the Policy Conference (are you sensing a trend here?) Attorney General Dana Nessel gave an update to reporters on public integrity and corruption investigations into a former House speaker, Senate majority leader, gubernatorial candidates and ‘fake electors’. She expects her office to conclude these investigations by the end of this year.

Upcoming Events

Save the Date -
Upcoming HCDP Events

Here are dates to hold for upcoming HCDP activities:  

  • June 16th: Bridgefest Parade and vendor booth

  • July 4th: Independence Day Parades (Participation TBD, but likely Lake Linden & South Range)

  • July 8th: Strawberry Festival Parade in Chassell

  • August 19th: Pasty Fest Parade in Calumet

  • August 24 thru 27th: Booth at Houghton County Fair

Community Events

There are no City or Village Council, or County Commissioners meetings scheduled for this week.
Tue 6/6

  • Today marks the 79th anniversary of the D-Day invasion on the beaches of Normandy, in which American soldiers and other Allied forces fought to end World War II in Europe. More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the invasion of 160,000 Allied troops into Nazi-occupied France - the largest military invasion force in history.

Mon 6/12

  • On June 12, 1967 the US Supreme Court unanimously struck down anti-miscegenation laws throughout the country and found in favor of Virginia couple Richard and Mildred Loving. The Lovings - he white and she black - had been arrested and told they could could not live in the state as a married couple because of the racist anti-miscegenation laws of Virginia. With their marriage deemed illegal by Virginia, they turned to the ACLU and took their case to court. Because of them, today people of all races celebrate June 12th as Loving Day.

Is there a community commemoration or event we should recognize that's of particular importance to you? Just send an email to [email protected].